• roaring-fork-falls

    I Am Craving Intimacy

    This morning, I woke up far earlier than I would have liked. It was still dark outside, and I laid in the bed as still as possible, eyes closed, trying to drift back into sleep for I don't know how

  • vintageme

    15 Things About Me

    Jimmy Carter was President when I was born. And I may be older than many of you little sprouts, but I will never be OLD. My mom started reading to me when I was a teeny baby, and I guess it

  • blocks

    Brick Wall

    So, it's been crickets for a few days, eh? It's funny, after the first few posts are out of the way and the introductions have been made, I have to scratch my head a little bit and ask myself, "So,

  • wild

    Why “Plum Wilder”?

    It occurs to me some folks might want to know why I decided to name my blog "Plum Wilder". Well, I could have used some variation of my own name, but that's just boring- don't you think? That idea's

  • journey

    The Journey

    After I hit the publish button yesterday morning, I realized that I talked about habits for two consecutive posts. Now, this one makes three, so obviously that's something that has been on my mind

  • roots


    Lately, I've realized just how out of whack my habits have always been. Over the last few years I've gradually shed many bad habits and tried to establish some good ones in their place. The closer I